What to know about scratch programming from the very first ?

What to know about scratch programming from the very first ?

Scratch programming can be a stepping stone before learning other programming languages which are much harder. It is a great tool for beginners, especially kids.

Scratch programming have more benefits than we think

Almost everyone finds it hard to start learning a new language, let alone a new programming language. Therefore, scratch programming is a great idea for beginners to approach programming. Let’s follow the article below for more information about scratch programming.

What is scratch programming?

Scratch programming is a programming language researched and developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten research group, belonging to the Media Lab center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This programming is known as a high-level block-based visual programming language which is aimed at kids between the age of 8 and 16. Because scratch coding was designed for young students in mind, it provides an easy-to-use users interface that groups blocks according to their function by using color-coding. For this reason, it is easier for young students to grasp the fundamentals quickly. Although Scratch was built for kids 8-11 years old, older children or adults can also use this programming language. Anyone with minimal computer skills will realize that Scratch is an accessible and user-friendly programming language. Scratch is also a highly powerful tool that advanced students can still gain much from using it. In fact, there are many universities using Scratch and other similar block-based languages as part of their students’ introductory computer science courses.

Scratch programming

What can we do with scratch coding?

Users can download and use this software absolutely free of charge and without any restrictions on copyright on computers. With this tool, students can create a wide range of interesting things such as  fantastic Scratch games, Scratch projects, and even animations. Below are some enjoyable examples of scratch projects that students can try.

Clicker Game

Idle games aren’t limited to your phone. They might also be a Scratch game! Students need to keep track of the number of clicks that happen as well as the point totals for buying various game objects, therefore this game is a wonderful way to introduce click events and variables.

Pong Game

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a single-player Pong game for kids. It is a fantastic illustration of how sensing blocks may be used, which is crucial for creating games where sprites clash. Try to configure the game so that two players can use the same keyboard for an added difficulty!  It must be really interesting.

Jumping Game

In Scratch, children can create a unique parkour journey! Students can design a variety of platforms for their characters to jump on in this game, giving them plenty of area for creativity to make something new by themselves.


This venerable arcade game’s Scratch remake is just as entertaining to play as it is to create. It would be better to try this game after learning about variables, custom events, and comparison operators because this tutorial is advanced.

Advantages of scratch coding for users

Although scratch is not complicated and free to use, this brings users (especially students) a golden chance to discover something new and accumulate experience soon.

  • Encourage students to practice perseverance and meticulousness in their learning and daily lives
  • Establish a disciplined study and problem-solving routine using the software practice’s content.
  • Help children promote new and creative imagination in the process of learning and playing the software.
  • Thanks to graphics and content that is suited for their age, you can instill a love of learning in kids as early as possible.
  • Scratch also requires the ability to connect with other participants. From there, children learn how to work effectively in groups.
  • Children learn to think selectively, make decisions, and experience new things in software.
Scratch programming for beginners


We hope that this article could bring you some helpful information about scratch programming and the reason why it is so popular and widely used by kids. Let’s start learning this programming right away. If you are in demand in knowing more about computers and technology, contact us or access our website in the following link.